Why is our cancellation policy so strict?

Do you order food at a restaurant and leave without paying just before your food is delivered? 

When you reserve a hotel room for yourself, do you expect to pay for it unless you cancel by a certain timeline?

Obvious answers for most of us.

Running a small business in an ever increasing big business world, folks often forget just how simple the algorithm is for us to stay in small business:

We book appointments with a promise to be here, to work with you. 

If you don’t come, not only don’t you get your body work, we don’t get paid. 

Committing to an appointment with us holds your spot, your room, your therapist and is the revenue we rely on as a business. We pay our employees -who are here as scheduled- who might be paying babysitters & arranging family schedules of their own. We’ve also likely turned other people away who wanted some of those same appointments. They cant have it, we are holding it for you. Our company loses if you say you’ll be here and you are not. We simply cannot afford to operate that way. Our expenses are still due. 

No shows and last minute cancellations have been such an increasing problem we’ve had to implement a credit card reservation system when booking online. The credit card is only charged with a no show or a cancellation is with less than 24 hours notice.

Why 24 hours notice? 

It is hard to fill empty appointments with less than 24 hours notice. Filling an empty spot usually requires a bit of phone call and email time.

We give you every possible reminder for your appointment:

  • When booking in clinic write it down, we have reminder cards at the desk.
  • When your appointment is booked you will get a confirmation email (if you DON’T, your email may have junked it or your email address is incorrectly entered, let us know if you do not receive an email)  
  • You can save the appointment to your schedule, change or cancel your appointment from the link in that email.
  • 24 hours before your appointment you will get a text AND an email reminding you of your appointment.

If you are late: 

Call us to say you are on your way.

After 10 minutes we will call you.

Hopefully you are on your way, but your appointment time has already begun.

After 15 minutes we will call again. If we don’t connect with you, we will assume it is a missed appointment and you’ll be charged for the appointment.  

We cannot bill an insurance company for a missed appointment. You are responsible for the full missed medical appointment fee. 

We’ve heard everything from “I’m too tired to come in for my massage”, “oh, I forgot”  to elaborate made up excuses and stories changing over time as they try to work out of the charge. Most of our negative reviews online and nasty-grams in Amy’s inbox occur from folks being angry about being charged for an appointment they booked and missed. 

Please, just come to the appointments you book. 

Again, for most of us the answer is obvious. We book an appointment and happily keep it! 

Policing no shows is certainly NOT something we enjoy, we actually really enjoy working with you and doing our real job! We have tried to put every possible reminder in place to make sure you are aware of our policy and we can do what we do best, massage therapy.

And, for those of you that have missed an appointment for whatever reason and responsibly paid without a problem, thank you SO MUCH. We look forward to working with you again in the future. 

It’s just business, folks.


Amy MurryComment