Camille and Amy are pretty booked up?

Camille is going back to school! We are super proud of her and so glad we can support her while she juggles both school and her massage therapy work. 

A message from Camille:

"Working as a massage therapist has been a rewarding experience, and I plan to continue practicing throughout my life even as I add additional tools to my belt.

Inspiration for becoming a manual therapist originated from my interests in a holistic approach

to treating the body. Massage therapy has been an effective way of implementing this

philosophy and I am eager to explore the many other modalities involved in holistic healing.

The journey to diversify my scope of practice begins at the Evergeen State College, where I will be taking classes working towards a naturopathic doctorate.

During my four years at Evergreen, I will continue my massage therapy practice with limited availability and look forward to ongoing therapeutic relationships with the Human Body Works clientele. My schedule will be reduced to a couple days a week and I encourage clients who wish to maintain consistent visits to always book in advance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of transition!"

Amy’s sports massage work continues to take her out of the office traveling frequently; ASU Swimming, USA Track and Field, USA Swimming and USA Wrestling trips are booked on her calendar in 2018.

The most notable trip will be the upcoming Winter Paralympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Amy is honored to have been invited to support this incredible group of Team USA adaptive athletes. She’s actually the only Massage Therapist on the USOC medical staff, which is an extra super special honor. 

The Paralympics runs just after the winter Olympics in March. Once the Winter Olympics wraps up everyone gets to work modifying the courses and Olympic Village for our Para Athletes. NBC will be showing the Paralympics on TV and App, so tune in! You will be inspired.

We are also in the midst of taking applications for our Human Body Works massage team! Technique or style of massage you’d like to see us incorporate? Suggestions and things you think we should look for in a therapist? Let us know!