Price Changes 2018, the long story...

Once many years ago one of my kids blurted out “Mom, you don't have a JOB.” I replied, “WHAT!? OH yes honey, I very much do…” Thinking my ungrateful and unawares child had somehow not been paying ANY attention in his 6 or 7 years of life. I clearly recall him sitting there on the kitchen stool, eating a popsicle thinking over my reaction and seeing his expression light up when it clicked and connected that massaging people was my actual JOB. He thought I was doing it because I just liked it, because I help people feel better & because he really hadn't heard me complain about it as a chore or as a burden. In his mind work or a job should probably NOT be fun or feel good to make it real “work”.  Most people probably don't like work. Kids are so perceptive. I totally love going to work and he never gathered it was a burdensome JOB. 

I think I can speak for all of us here at Human Body Works when I say: We love what we do!

Sometimes enjoying work and being ‘compassionate givers’ can easily overshadow the fact that Human Body Works is a business. Years can go by without much regular review. A foremost goal of mine when opening Human Body Works was always to take care of our therapists in addition to our clients. We are coming up on the year end, taking stock from a small business side & reflecting from a heart side on just what we are doing in our “jobs”. How can we better take care of the therapists we have and recruit new skilled therapists to our clinic?

Inevitably, universally, expenses continue to grow in addition to new benefit potential for our staff. Newly required Washington State sick leave provisions prove to be a great review catalyst, to make sure we are really standing by our hard working staff and providing that among other deserving benefits. Increasing revenue is a must in any business, of course. 

Looking comparatively in the South Sound, our Wellness Rate has been a steal of a deal, especially considering the experience, training and education of our awesome therapists.

The new prices will be a bit of a jump for some, I know others will say “What took so long?”

The absolute hardest thing for me personally is telling my most loyal, regular clients of many, many years that they will have to pay more money for my care. Why is it so hard? Because I am more compassionate minded than I am business minded, it’s a fact. I wish I could do this all for free, and if you're a regular client I’ll bet you know that to be true.  

On the other side of this coin, we realize this may afford you to come less often. Those of you that have recurring appointments please let us know if you need to change anything on the schedule. It might be a good time to review your care plan. 

We will be implementing the new rates January 1st, 2018 and reviewing again annually. 

I can also update and assure you my family now knows that when I am working on the business side of this massage gig I certainly DO have a J.O.B. 

(I think I’ll go home and have a popsicle.)

As always, thank you for supporting us in our endeavor and we look forward to working with you soon!

Amy Murry,

LMT CMT & Owner