Wellness Massage

Wellness massage typically covers the body with a "Swedish" style massage base, Wellness Massage is our basic relaxation, lighter touch massage style. 

Generally known as a relaxation massage, our therapists each add their own particular skill sets to the massage to achieve muscle relaxation and work the areas of tension and increase circulation. 

The session begins with long, gliding strokes to help improve circulation and warm up the tissue for deeper strokes. Pressure is adjusted to your comfort. Requested areas of focus receive more attention. The typical Swedish massage covers all areas of the back, legs, arms, hands, feet. However, you can request a focus area such as upper body or legs for the duration of your massage time. While relaxation is probably the most noticeable benefit, you are also increasing your circulation, cleansing tissues and stretching muscles and joints. The mind is allowed to relax in a quiet safe place. You should expect to feel renewed and refreshed at the end of your session. Your muscles and joints should feel relaxed.

This massage style is also ideal for Pregnancy Massage, if you’re pregnant please let us know when you schedule so we can be sure to set up customized cushions for you.

Taping & Myofacial Decompression (Cupping) can be added to the session for an additional fee.

We offer 30/60/90/120 minute sessions.